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Thoughts on Fear Part 3: Fear and Danger are Two Different Things

When I lived alone in Kentucky, I learned about fear and intuition and how just because you are afraid doesn’t mean you’re in real danger. Then again, when you feel really comfortable and safe, you could be in more peril than you’d ever imagine.

I learned this the hard way when I was mugged in Washington DC. I can’t avoid danger all (…)

dreams poem

The best poem I’ve ever written according to Josh

Poem and sketch inspired by Sketch Party at Hudson Street Hum.


… my body wakes me up every morning at 7:30 a.m. and slowly it spins away from the freedom of sleep

how many times can I hit snooze before conforming to another day as a grown up

the linear-ality is setting in as work and life begin

scroll and stretch

pour the coffee

Don’t miss the (…)


28 days

Every time I bleed,
I wonder where you are.
A piece of my heart hemorrhages down through my lower body
and paints my vagina in guilty globs of red.

It cries down my thighs
a subtle monthly reminder
that you were once a part of me.
That you will never give me the child I wasn’t sure I wanted
but now I know I’ll never get.

It’s just the (…)


Thoughts on Fear part 2: Guns and Dreams

In the months leading up to Nicaragua, I began to have trouble sleeping sometimes. My bedtime habits have never been admirable, but since I kinda got my life together, I’ve been better at sleeping. Now sometimes I even floss before bed. In the last few years, I have found my comfort zone. 

My recent bout of insomnia correlated with not just with (…)


Thoughts on fear: McFlurries and the Bolivian Rain Forest

I’ve just returned from Nicaragua, but my mind is on a memory I have when I was only 22. After I graduated college I worked for a summer at Upward Bound, a program that works to give kids in high school better opportunities to attend college. That July the entire group took a field trip to Washington, DC for a (…)


destroy myself reading the song lyrics
cry until I can’t breathe over the TV movie
fired up by a full moon
don’t sleep for weeks over the 80s horror movie
tipsy on the wine’s potential
excited by the prospect of what tonight can bring
giddy at the gelato shop
goosebumps when a stranger stands too close

terror and thrill
strumming guitars and pretty girls
chocolate mousse and crying babies
waterfalls and (…)

feminism fights for equality worldwide

“Post Feminism” is Bullshit

Misinformed people across cyber space gleefully criticize “feminazis,” particularly after the Women’s March on Washington. I’ve read more than a few  posts from my fellow woman attacking the marchers. Often the sentiment is: women already have the same rights as men; get over it. Some have gone as far as to dub themselves “post feminists.” Post-feminists argue that women can (…)

105 Articles for Lost At E Minor.

105 stories for Lost At E Minor

Well, it’s time to be true to me in 2017. While I’ve had a fun time freelancing for popular Australian blog Lost At E Minor, I’ve decided to change direction slightly this year.  Stay tuned for a different style of stories, and check out some of the stories I wrote below. (Click on them to read them full-sized.) Be forewarned, (…)