Well Wishing Women

In a western white whirl,
Little girls grow up dreaming,
They’ll actually change the world.
They grow up dreaming  blindly
of places far away from what they know
of strong hands of strangers
who’ll never leave them lonely.
These little ladies grow up planning
on their life a fairy tale
A strawberry shortcake pony ride
an endless sea to sail.
But in a tiny office
At the age of 22
She can’t escape the fishbowl
and the old boss-man watching too.
Or she wipes down strangers’ dinner crumbs
At the Holiday Inn Hotel.
She waves goodbye to successful strangers
As they walk off to a life more glamorous than her’s.

Perhaps she puts herself through school
Working at a bar to make the rent
She watches the tequila that she pours
Thinks of the life that she was meant

She denies that she’s an adult
She’d die for one more spin
on the merry-go-round imagination
Where you can do anything and be a star
Where just by showing up for work…
you’re, like, way above the bar
So wake up little Amanda
Breaking news Gabriel
I hate to tell ya ladies,
But life quickly goes downhill
But go on dreaming sweet Cynthia
Close your eyes while you can dear Jane
Because once that real world surfaces
begins the life mundane
A world of deadlines,
boring people
stupid constraints and more
And a society divided
between married girls and whores.
So hold onto to your delusions ladies,
for as long as you can take.
Because a Bitch named reality is watching,
And she can’t wait for you wake!