Table Manners

Salt hisses to pepper
“You’re just a little leper.
Sprinkling your seed over potato and meat
Could you be a little more discreet?”

Pepper snaps at salt
“Is it really my fault?
What can I say you hate me cause I’m black,
But at least I don’t cause heart attacks!”

Salt trembles :”Shut your holes!
Some of my best friends are dark spices!
Cinnamon and I go way back,
and Cumin and I once had a roll in the sack, and that my friend is nothing to sneeze at.”

Pepper’s getting all shook up now,
He says “you sure are proud to have all those rocks loose in your head!”
Then salt really blows his top
“I’m sick of having to share my table with you,
you black bloody nincompoop!
What society is this, where we’re forced to live side by side, have the same job, season the same food? I’m not racist, nor am I rude I just wish I had a bit of space you know?
Who made you the other choice seasoning for every single meal? Sugar makes more sense to me, and sure there’s splenda but she won’t talk, and in fact, I’m not sure she’s real!”

Pepper jumps in says “DUDE take this with a grain of yourself,
they say variety is the spice of life,
and sure we may not look or smell the same, but it sure is a shame to live life with such a bad taste in your mouth.”