The Plant Revolution, or Give Plants a Chance!

Confessional time. Sometimes, I have a short attention span, especially when it comes to things people want to buy or have recently purchased. However, I am fascinated with items in art collections and museums. I always wonder, why did this thing get to go down in history and another thing went to the landfill? But this is not a blog post about taste or history.

I typically maintain interest in clothes shopping for about 20 minutes. That’s my limit. Bar the online Hoola Hoop website, I like to think that I will never be anyone’s target market.

Although I hate pointless consumption, I love functional/necessary consumption!! Tasting touching smelling and even listening to coffee brewing gets me excited. I like food in my fridge and food in a café. I love to watch wine swishing in a glass. The things that keep us alive are worth taking interest in and enjoying. I’m realizing as I type this I should be more of an air enthusiast. Oxygen, not the band. Of course my ears also love to consume music, my brain loves to consume words and thoughts, but all of these things trouble me as the slippery debate of art vs junk always looms.  Is a book a work of art? What about a magazine? Surely music is art, but what if it’s a jingle in a commercial to buy more things. I love creativity, but evaluating creation sometimes makes me sad.

Anyway, something has changed in my life, and I hate to admit it, but I’m so in love with a product that I don’t even care.When I moved to Newcastle, I was given a flapjack succulent, and since then I’ve been successful keeping it alive and even propagating a little piece of it. Do you know how thrilling it feels to watch every day as a little piece of earth morphs before your eyes?

Also, I haven’t thought too much about the production line of plants from start to finish, but I reckon plants are one of the few things you can purchase that don’t actually contribute to climate change. If this is wrong, someone please call me out on it and kill my dreams of the plant revolution.

Before you get to growing, you get the glorious task of determining what you want to grow, and of course you should consider climate, indoor/outdoor plants, etc. Careful thought must be given to the kind of fertilizer/pesticide you need (if any) to keep your plants alive, particularly if you’re growing food. I love all plants, but I’m partial to succulents because
1. They are hard to kill.
2. They require little water (less waste).
3. They look like aliens!!!

Can you imagine a future where, rather than lining up outside the Apple Store to get the newest iPhone, people line up outside their local nursery to get the top selection of the prettiest/most fruitful plants? Or instead of black Friday, where shoppers trample each other to death to buy furbies,  I’m imagining a GREEN Friday, where people get out their shovels, pots and seedlings, and get to planting their winter product line.

If it isn’t painfully evident, I’m sold. My balcony is overflowing, and every day there’s some new observation to make about what’s happening in the garden. And there is a wide variety of indoor plants to green up even the tiniest of homes. No need to have acres and acres of land. If we give plants a chance, they can meet the need we have as humans to appreciate something aesthetically. Some of them smell nice too, double bonus! Some even grow fruits and vegetables we can eat! And getting our hands dirty is such a humbling, down-to-earth experience. So let’s all get to growing, showing and generating publicity for my worthy cause. Grow a piece of nature today, and watch righteously as your product thrives on sunshine!


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  • Sure is nice to read a commentary about sustainability that isn't condescending. I really love the positive way in which you have presented plant companionship. I wish everyone would use plants to fulfill their aesthetic desires. koodoos on what you are doing!