What's lonelier than an international flight?
time is dubious at best...
Dark and Light

Soon we'll have Wifi in the sky
And I can tweet to a distracted audience
About the shitty movie options and
how they fed me a sandwich with a cucumber slice and a piece of lettuce.

Currently I can't connect,
forced to be alone.

The shadows of the attendants roll on by
In this faintly-lit recirculated air

the ding of the seatbelt sign
Off and On
Dark and Light

Behind me a woman coughs while
I'm empty like the air pockets we cavort through.
The screen says the passengers are at 36,999 feet,
so we just might be pretty close to god.
But I'm low, low-down and lowly.
Adele complimentary of Delta
Rolling in the Deep...
while everybody sleeps
Fewer than 3,000 miles to America

Whoever you are

Every plane always comes down
And all cloud surfers, one day, smack ground