I’m afraid I might be dumb

Last night I watered all my plants, and accidentally the porch light too.
It shattered into pieces, what a moronic thing to do.
The patio went dark, and I thought, well this won’t be fun.
Patrick came and yelled at me, Dear God I might be dumb.

Every other day at work I disappoint my team.
I miss the details, I tune out, and I let them down it seems.
I make them laugh, I’m great for a chat, social scenes I’ve won.
But when it comes down to the basics, I’m scared I might be dumb.

Once I crashed my car into a school bus, what a stupid thing it was.
The bus was parked, I reversed, and then I smashed it like a klutz.
The children all stared down at me, unharmed but alarmed no less.
I cried and stared at my own undoing,  I’m dumb I must confess.

I make people late, I’m disorganized, and I know this, which makes it worse.
I trip on stairs, I talk too much, I’ve got chewed gum inside my purse.
I don’t listen to what’s boring and I can’t make myself plan ahead.
I’m afraid my intelligence is on par with a slice of buttered bread.

My family has truly given up on sorting out my fate.
My teachers saw potential, but my homework was still late.
I’ve been handed opportunities, but I poured them down the drain.
I’d rather daydream about daisies, what’s the matter with my brain?

Well today I’ve got an answer, for my fumbling bumbling mind.
I’ve got a way to sort out how I’m ditzy all the time.
I will address my dumbness, through poetic analyzation.
Surely this is the most intelligent route to brainiac rectification!

Yes look at this hey mom and dad, I hope your recognizing
With every line of this I write, my IQ must be rising!
Hear this all colleagues and teachers everywhere, that I’ve nearly driven mad
With this poem I’ve sorted everything out, isn’t everybody glad!