An Interview with Australian Poetry Slam Champion Jesse John Brand (from Newcastle!)

Jesse John Brand takes himself very seriously.

I thought I was really excited when Australian Slam Poetry Champion, Jesse John Brand agreed to let me interview him! Then the city newspaper, The Newcastle Herald put the interview in their features section of The Weekender, and I went absolutely spastic!

To read the online version, you can click this link.

Jesse will be the host of this year’s Poetry Heat in Newcastle and other local heats. As a bonus to the awesome words he shared with me for the Herald, I’ve included links to all of Jesse’s poetic inspirations for the slightly smaller readership of!

Check out the different people/groups/artists along the way who have inspired Jesse!

Death Grips

Saul Williams
Shira E
Eunice Andrada
Sierra DeMulder
Carlin McLellan 
Ranier Maria Rilke
Sylvia Plath
Bob Dylan (no link required, it’s all right)

I can’t say thank you enough to Jesse! If anyone wants to read more of his work, check out his blog!