Joe and Slice’s Stuart with Joe’s beerific win!

Nineteen-year-old Joe Darcy from Blacksmith is truly reaping the beernefits of his friend Guy’s golf skills. Guy was visiting Joe from New Zealand a few weeks back for the Lake Macquarie Amateur, and the two of them decided to play some virtual golf at Slice.

According to Joe, it was the 12th par at Augusta, and Joe went first and got it in the water. Guy had a go next and scored a hole-in-one. They then learned Slice gives five free cartons of Murray’s amazing beer to anyone who achieves this feat. Unfortunately for Guy, he had to return to New Zealand before the beer had been procured. However, this was fantastic news for Joe, who loves Murray’s and has lots of friends who still live in Australia.

“I feel great,” Joe says. “I’m going to New Zealand in April, maybe I’ll save him one.”


Joe is terribly disappointed his friend Guy isn’t here to claim the beer.

If you’d like to have a shot at scoring five free cartons of Murray’s delicious beer, make a booking for slice tonight and start swinging! If you’re a horrible shot, just bring your skilled foreign friends instead!