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“Post Feminism” is Bullshit

Misinformed people across cyber space gleefully criticize “feminazis,” particularly after the Women’s March on Washington. I’ve read more than a few  posts from my fellow woman attacking the marchers. Often the sentiment is: women already have the same rights as men; get over it. Some have gone as far as to dub themselves “post feminists.” Post-feminists argue that women can vote, women can work, women can decide if and when they want to have children, what else is there?

First of all, if you only care about the rights of women in your country, you are not a feminist. Second of all, feminism isn’t just about women’s rights, it’s about equality. Third of all, women in western countries have come along way, but it ain’t over yet, baby.

Not only is fear and hatred toward minorities on the rise across the Europe, USA and Australia right now, but also women’s health is under attack particularly in the US. Rape and domestic violence are awful, and they are crimes that are disproportionately targeted at women. Smaller but important feminist issues also exist in the West as well like ridiculous standards of beauty, inequality in the work place, inequality for working parents, taxes on tampons, etc. But feminism is bigger than the issues of one specific country. I appreciate when Merriam-Webster tweeted feminism’s definition for post-feminist KellyAnne Conway.

For anyone who believes that there is no need for feminism in our current world, here are some facts (including links) about gender inequality. These are just a few stats; I welcome others to chime in!

Reports of domestic violence have more than doubled in Russia’s fourth largest city since the Government reduced the punishment for spousal or child abuse from a criminal to a civil one.

There are 700 million child brides on the planet, according to a report, with 15 million girls married before the age of 18 each year, a rate of one every two seconds. One girl aged under 15 is married every seven seconds.

Twice as many girls as boys will never start school.

Men have higher rates of suicide than women.

Women are banned from driving in Saudi Arabia.

In many nations women don’t have access to safe legal abortions, increasing the risks of dangerous DIY abortions.

More than 200 million girls and women have have suffered Female Genital Mutilation.

Women in developing nations are more likely than men to face work conditions akin to slavery, often within their own home.   

Education is a great place to begin addressing worldwide inequality. That’s why I started the No Makeup Nofember Facebook pageWith the No Makeup Nofember campaign, I and others donated nearly $1,000 to the charity One Girl, which educates girls in Africa. Here’s how it worked: Women submitted photos without makeup, and $5AUD was donated per photo.

Studies show that when a woman is educated she can make better decisions about her life and whether or not she wants a family. I love kids; they are so much better than adults! And, how great would it be if only wanted kids were brought into the world? Overpopulation is a growing problem, and women need to be well informed about birth control with easy access to it. I dream of a world where there are fewer kids, but all of them wanted, loved and well-looked after. I dream of a next generation that is smaller in number and more advantaged than the last. Educating and empowering girls and women has been shown to reduce birth rates and increase use of contraceptives, creating a virtuous circle.

As a feminist I don’t just fight for equality in Australia and America. Not only do I stand for women’s rights, I stand for human rights. This includes rights for people in the LGBT community, people of color, immigrants, people of different faiths and people with disabilities. Until every person in this world has the same chance and opportunity, feminism is needed.

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