dreams poem

The best poem I’ve ever written according to Josh

Poem and sketch inspired by Sketch Party at Hudson Street Hum.


… my body wakes me up every morning at 7:30 a.m. and slowly it spins away from the freedom of sleep

how many times can I hit snooze before conforming to another day as a grown up

the linear-ality is setting in as work and life begin

scroll and stretch

pour the coffee

Don’t miss the bus

Greet the visitors

Write back

Write a story

Be nice

Spend money

Catch up, touch base, have a chat, make plans, meet up

Eat dinner, drink wine, fall asleep

dream of a completely different life

sail through alternate realities where there are no lines or rules

drift off into the only place where we can all be children and not know any better

hold on to at least six hours of brightness, hues, curves, soft edges and light

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  • michael

    yes: it is good. Your best? Maybe. Very subjective, of course. You have written many fine poems… I would choose others in preference… as good as this one is. (Note: ex-lovers provide GREAT material for poems… btw)

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