HI! Thank you for visiting! I’m Alex. I call my website coffeecavewoman because I’m addicted to coffee and I used to work for an amazing cave in Kentucky. I was born and raised in South Carolina, USA and I currently live all the way across the world in Newcastle, Australia. Like Henry David Thoreau, I aim to live my life passionately and deliberately, always with a pen, laptop or typewriter nearby.

From The Wilderness Society in Washington, D.C. to Brandalism in Sydney, the organisations I work for are doing their part to change the world with the power of words. I’m regularly employed to write web copy and content for social media. I’m across Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest, and I do enjoy collaborating on the occasional poetry YouTube clip. I particularly love writing stories about artists, musicians and world-changers in the Newcastle Herald. (Search Alex Morris to find my stories.)  I regularly co-host a spoken word poetry night in Newcastle, and I facilitate creative writing workshops with primary school kids at Unload Creative Writing.

I take on lots of projects. My website is rarely completely up-to-date, but regardless please get sucked into my thoughts and stories and want me to write things for you! I’m creative and chaotic, but I know how to respond to emails and meet deadlines. Do you have a fun project? Are you an interesting person? Let’s have coffee or a Skype date!