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feminism fights for equality worldwide

“Post Feminism” is Bullshit

Misinformed people across cyber space gleefully criticize “feminazis,” particularly after the Women’s March on Washington. I’ve read more than a few  posts from my fellow woman attacking the marchers. Often the sentiment is: women already have the same rights as men; get over it. Some have gone as far as to dub themselves “post feminists.” Post-feminists argue that women can (…)

105 Articles for Lost At E Minor.

105 stories for Lost At E Minor

Well, it’s time to be true to me in 2017. While I’ve had a fun time freelancing for popular Australian blog Lost At E Minor, I’ve decided to change direction slightly this year.  Stay tuned for a different style of stories, and check out some of the stories I wrote below. (Click on them to read them full-sized.) Be forewarned, (…)

Blogging for Staples

Recently I’ve had an opportunity to ghostwrite some blog posts for international office supplier Staples. It was a fun and interesting challenge to take on more B2B work which was often more product-focused. To read examples of these pieces, click on the links below.


Blogging for Slice Virtual Golf

Until Slice Virtual Golf relocated their marketing department to the Gold Coast, I had the pleasure of running their social media in Newcastle. I particularly enjoyed writing and/or editing their blog posts. Here’s the link to one of the stories I wrote for them, or just read below.

Reap the Beernefits with Murray’s Craft Brewing!

Joe and Slice’s Stuart with Joe’s beerific (…)


Ripe for Performance

An Interview with Beth McMahon, Gabriel Partington and Michael Bevitt

“It’s a very silly piece, hopefully more than silly; it’s not very often you get to see live oranges on stage, and people drowning themselves in orange juice,” actor and performance maker Gabriel Partington said of his upcoming performance at Crack Theatre Festival, For the Love of An Orange.

Michael, Beth and (…)

Devised Dancing Despite Distance

Far Flung is a long-distance dance work, part installation and part performance. The dance troupe members have been interacting with each other solely through Skype until a few weeks ago.  They recently met up in Melbourne to practice in person for the first time, and that session is where they were able to get the photo for this story. 
They (…)

Howl like a Tassie Tiger

An Interview with Selena de Carvalho

Cross-disciplinary artist Selena de Carvalho grew up in Newcastle, and she’s been to many TiNAs over the years, including the very first.

“I often find projects to return to Newcastle with. My grandma still lives there. She and I usually go and play croquet when I’m in town. They have really awesome [croquet grounds], pretty much (…)

Wishing While Walking Through Time

An Interview with Josephine Were

In late June, performance maker Josephine Were (28) came from Adelaide to Newcastle and hung out on Hunter Street and the CBD. During her visit she would stop people and ask them what their wish would be for the future of Australia in 10 years.

“I finished school 10 years ago and started thinking about how (…)

Calling on the Audience

An interview with Grant Moxom, Felicity Nicol and Melissa Lee Speyer
By Alex Morris @Nemiwai
Grant Moxom doesn’t believe the government is spying on us. He thinks we’re spying on ourselves by supplying businesses with data and statistics.
“The businesses and companies who collect our information are not our friend,” Grant said.
The 25-year-old technical director and devisor has a background in IT, psychology (…)

Musical Poetry Teamed with Scenes on Screens

An interview with Josh Donellan and Mike Willmett
By Alex Morris @Nemiwai
When 30-year-old Poet Josh Donellan (JD) was growing up, he hated Australian Bush poetry. Later in his life, things changed. He found the Australian poetry scene and started listening to Mos Def and Saul Williams. He’s now a novelist, holds poetry workshops with kids and will be performing with sound (…)