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Sounds Promising

An Interview with Composer-Performer Eve Klein
By Alex Morris @Nemiwai

Image by Ravi Glasser-Vora

When Eve Klein isn’t performing or composing like as she’s doing at Crack Theatre Festival with AñA Wojak for performance and installation sincerely yours (love letter project), you might find her in the bush, walking, listening and recording. Sometimes she stops to listen for only 10 seconds, sometimes she’ll record (…)

Well-Versed for the Future

An Interview with Aaron Kirby and Eleanor Malbon
By Alex Morris @Nemiwai
“We are staring down the barrel of an ecological problem that is going to dramatically affect the way people live their daily lives,” Aaron Kirby said. “It’s not ‘how do we stop this?’ at this point. The project is to say how do we mentally approach this change as to (…)

One Typewriter and all Types of Writers

An interview with Cj and Ciella of The Frankensteined Monologues
By Alex Morris @Nemiwai
“It’s kind of the opposite of a regular theatre show, hundreds of writers and two performers,” theatre practioner Ciella Williams said of her upcoming show, The Frankensteined Monologues, co-produced with freelance theatre maker Cj Fraser-Bell.
Leading up to their performance, they’ve left their typewriter all around Darwin with writing (…)

Killer Ideas

An Interview with Will O’Mahony
By Alex Morris @Nemiwai

Image by Cameron Etchells

When Perth-based writer/actor/director Will O’Mahony creates something, he thinks of a quote from American writer David Foster Wallace. Will paraphrased him, “Any exchange in fiction or art, when it’s worthwhile, should disturb those parts of us that are comfortable, and comfort those parts of us that are disturbed.”
Will tries to (…)

Post Residency, Love Letter Project Continues to Deliver

An Interview With AñA Wojak
By Alex Morris @Nemiwai

Image by Lisa Anderson

In the small town of Bilpin in the Blue Mountains, the post office is the place to see and be seen for its 500 residents. Here, mail is held post restante – postal workers hold mail until a person picks it up.
Just over a year ago, artist AñA Wojak was (…)

On Books and Bar Tending: An Interview with Chris Hearn

Chris Hearn is not yet 30, but in his 29 years he’s toured Australia, the US and Europe as an experimental pop musician, he’s organised and managed countless music-focused events, and most recently, in 2012, he opened a unique bar and venue in the middle of Newcastle. He’s also a poet, writer and voracious  reader, and, perhaps most importantly, the (…)

Headjam Blog Posts: A Collection of Links

Below are a list of links for the different blog posts I wrote and ghostwrote for Headjam in the last year. Topics cover typography, web design/development, in-depth interviews, social media and animation. If you have any questions about the blogging I did for this creative agency, drop me an email at

Interviews:An Interview with Newcastle Typographer Sophie ElinorAn Interview With (…)

Constable Chronicles: An Interview with an Australian Police Officer

The Constable is a loving cat owner who lives on the coast.

Along the Central Coast of New South Wales, Australia, lives a gentleman whom I have dubbed The Constable. The generous police officer shared with me what a day in his life is like and also a few wild stories of public encounters and arrests. The Constable’s identity remains (…)

An Interview with Newcastle Typographer Sophie Elinor

My story on Sophie was originally written for Headjam’s blog.

Headjam heard about Sophie Elinor via Facebook (which Sophie is not on) after her clever typography of ampersand illustrations, The Amperclan, went viral.

She is a friend of Headjam’s illustrator Keo Match, and she works and lives in Newcastle. Last week, she launched her own font, Strato, with a New Zealand type (…)

Newcastle Poetry Scene: David Graham and the Anti-slam


On the first Thursday of every month, you can find David Graham at the transcendental and dimly lit Terrace Bar. Even by candlelight, he’s easy to spot, with his big orange beard, long wavy hair and a beer in one hand and a signup sheet in the other. With nimble charisma, he passes around a clipboard encouraging all to sign (…)