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Guest Post: Americans in Spain

“I wonder if one day rich Australian’s will follow Hearst’s steps and import quaint French country churches, Thai temples or even Spanish monasteries, then put them in their big gardens looking over Sydney Harbour,” Elena Terol muses. In this guest post, Elena has shared a historical anecdote on art, Spain, America and Australia, and the creative ways to make use of public (…)

Latest interview for Headjam with Designer Nora Mironov

Nora and the Headjam team. Photo courtesy of Luke Kellett.

How could 21-year-old West Australian Nora Mironov have known that when she embarked on her month long internship with Headjam, she wouldn’t need her return ticket home?
“Since I’ve returned from my travels in the States, my plan had always been to try to make it to the East Coast,” Nora said.
She (…)

Latest Blog Post for Headjam: An Interview with Zahra Zainal

Photo courtesy of Zahra Zainal.
Zahra Zainal does not buy into the talk of of ‘struggling artists’. The 28-year-old illustrator and visual artist has been successfully creating art to support herself since she graduated from uni a few years ago”.
There is value to what I do and what I have to express,” Zahra said. “While some artists do perpetuate the starving (…)

My latest blog post on Melbourne Web Developer Isaac Williams

 Isaac and the Headjam Team (photo by Luke Kellett)

Isaac Williams hasn’t had a CV since he attended university at RMIT (Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology), but he’s rarely gone a day without work. The 25-year-old web developer and freelancer has worked for a variety of people and organisations, from startups, to DT Digital (a subgroup of the world renowned advertising (…)

Hashtags! They’re more than just first world problems

Recently I was lucky enough to collaborate with a team from Washington State called Tagboard.  Headjam created a hashtag (#headjamcreative) through Tagboard, and then we shared the word on Tagboard’s awesomeness. I wrote a fair bit on our blog, and I don’t really feel like writing it all again, but basically, if you read our blog post, you’ll realize why (…)

farewell for now to The Wilderness Society :(

The Wilderness exists even in Washington D.C.

By Alex Morris on June 10, 2010 – 8:37pm
Six interns, three men and three women, all in their early twenties, all temporary residents in our nation’s capitol, all from all over America — decided to leave the city for a weekend last month in search of an adventure.

No, it’s not the preview for the (…)

Blog Post for The Wilderness Society

Help wildlands this Earth Day! Tip #8: Support programs that teach urban youth
By Alex Morris on April 20, 2010 – 6:58pm (Click above for link)

From now until Earth Day, we invite you to read our daily staff tips on how you can make a difference for wildlands.

My Earth Day tip is not just advice, it is a challenge: Get kids (…)

Blogging for 8semesters!

Students show environmental initiatives

Even down south a green movement is rising. (Click above for original post)

Alex Morris

“Reducing” is one of Ivey Kaiser’s favorite words. The 21-year old senior from the University of South Carolina is on a mission to reduce as much waste as possible on the university’s enormous campus, all the while spreading the importance of living simply.

“More and (…)