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Thoughts on Fear Part 3: Fear and Danger are Two Different Things

When I lived alone in Kentucky, I learned about fear and intuition and how just because you are afraid doesn’t mean you’re in real danger. Then again, when you feel really comfortable and safe, you could be in more peril than you’d ever imagine.

I learned this the hard way when I was mugged in Washington DC. I can’t avoid danger all (…)


Thoughts on Fear part 2: Guns and Dreams

In the months leading up to Nicaragua, I began to have trouble sleeping sometimes. My bedtime habits have never been admirable, but since I kinda got my life together, I’ve been better at sleeping. Now sometimes I even floss before bed. In the last few years, I have found my comfort zone. 

My recent bout of insomnia correlated with not just with (…)


Thoughts on fear: McFlurries and the Bolivian Rain Forest

I’ve just returned from Nicaragua, but my mind is on a memory I have when I was only 22. After I graduated college I worked for a summer at Upward Bound, a program that works to give kids in high school better opportunities to attend college. That July the entire group took a field trip to Washington, DC for a (…)

Reclaiming the word “creative”

A rant by Alex Morris

Lately articles, websites and people everywhere equate the fields of technology, marketing and digital media as creative [1] industries, and while I don’t disagree that this adjectives is applicable, I’m sick of hearing and reading the term “creative” as something that belongs in the realm of advertising and tech.

Human beings are all born with creativity. It is not (…)


Words about a family holiday in Colombia

Nearly eight AM on a Thursday in Los Angeles, it’s approaching three or four in the morning Friday in Newcastle, Australia.  My Aussie friend Cezary and I are taking buses and going on adventures around town today, and I feel I should be recounting this journey later, after I finish, after I’m back, settled in, reflecting….

But deadlines and expectations loom (…)

Vegetarian Contrarian: Welcome to the Bright Side

Scenes from my salad club at work. All salad photos courtesy of the lovely Nora Mironov.

I’ve now spent almost half my lifetime as a vegetarian; not too shabby for a 26-year-old.

When I first started I was 14, and I think most people, my parents included, thought I was going through a phase. Something I would grow out of, like my (…)

The Plant Revolution, or Give Plants a Chance!

Confessional time. Sometimes, I have a short attention span, especially when it comes to things people want to buy or have recently purchased. However, I am fascinated with items in art collections and museums. I always wonder, why did this thing get to go down in history and another thing went to the landfill? But this is not a blog post (…)