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On Plants and Places: An Interview with PhD Student Shun Hasegawa

Shun Hasegawa got to where he is today through a love of playing outdoors when he was 11.

I met the 26-year-old PhD student in early 2013, when he became a flatmate to my dear friend Chelsea Maier. I occasionally visited her in Western Sydney, and upon his arrival I quickly noticed that he was very dedicated to his study; he (…)

Flexible Business Model Strengthens Yoga Students in Newcastle

Tahnee McCrossin gives a demonstration in her donation-based studio, Yoga for All.

For Tahnee McCrossin, yoga is a gateway into something profound, something which should be available to every single person. With this belief, in November 2013, she launched a yoga business based solely on the honour system.

The 28-year-old self-starter brought together skills she’d gained from a stint in advertising and (…)