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28 days

Every time I bleed,
I wonder where you are.
A piece of my heart hemorrhages down through my lower body
and paints my vagina in guilty globs of red.

It cries down my thighs
a subtle monthly reminder
that you were once a part of me.
That you will never give me the child I wasn’t sure I wanted
but now I know I’ll never get.

It’s just the (…)


destroy myself reading the song lyrics
cry until I can’t breathe over the TV movie
fired up by a full moon
don’t sleep for weeks over the 80s horror movie
tipsy on the wine’s potential
excited by the prospect of what tonight can bring
giddy at the gelato shop
goosebumps when a stranger stands too close

terror and thrill
strumming guitars and pretty girls
chocolate mousse and crying babies
waterfalls and (…)

chaja she rex

She Rex


The earth’s a gonna tremor
The ocean’s gonna moan
There’s been witness of a She-Rex
They seen her schlompin’ down the road

She’s squashin’ all them four-wheel-drives
With her big ol’ ancient feet
She’s inducin’ old men’s heart attacks
Up and down the street

My baby brother saw her
He curled up and died
My daddy heard her footsteps and
Went runnin’ for his life

The She Rex has a tail
that has (…)

Table Manners Poem featured in a local Newcastle paper!

I read my Table Manners Poem a few months ago at a poetry slam, and I was asked to have it in the paper! The coolest thing about this is that my friend Chaja’s awesome illustration also got published! Thanks Chaja! Awesome times!



Talking Doors Poem

Doors, doors, everywhere,and they all talk to me.They beg me please to open them,so they might sway in the breeze.

Bad Poem

This is a bad poem.Intended to enrage youSome poems, they will free your soul,butThis one’s mu               eo               a y               n   to cage  t

Written                                wall            to                        the               drive              up                    you       and                        down

Riddled with clichés and
Not a dose of d          (…)

I’m afraid I might be dumb

Last night I watered all my plants, and accidentally the porch light too.It shattered into pieces, what a moronic thing to do.The patio went dark, and I thought, well this won’t be fun.Patrick came and yelled at me, Dear God I might be dumb.

Every other day at work I disappoint my team.I miss the details, I tune out, and I (…)

Welcome to the Night of Vice!

March’s poetry slam was vice-themed, and as I’m trying really hard to publish a blog post every two weeks and I’m taking forever to write a story on the awesome guy who’s actually behind said poetry slams, I’ve included my vice poem as a stopgap for greater things to come. I read this to open the slam two weeks (…)

What's lonelier than an international flight?
time is dubious at best...
Dark and Light

Soon we'll have Wifi in the sky
And I can tweet to a distracted audience
About the shitty movie options and
how they fed me a sandwich with a cucumber slice and a piece of lettuce.

Currently I can't connect,
forced to be alone.

The shadows of the attendants roll on by
In this faintly-lit recirculated air

the ding of the seatbelt sign
Off and On
Dark and Light

Behind me a woman coughs while
I'm empty like the air pockets we cavort through.
The screen says the passengers are at 36,999 feet,
so we just might be pretty close to god.
But I'm low, low-down and lowly.
Adele complimentary of Delta
Rolling in the Deep...
while everybody sleeps
Fewer than 3,000 miles to America

Whoever you are

Every plane always comes down
And all cloud surfers, one day, smack ground

Table Manners

Salt hisses to pepper
“You’re just a little leper.
Sprinkling your seed over potato and meat
Could you be a little more discreet?”

Pepper snaps at salt
“Is it really my fault?
What can I say you hate me cause I’m black,
But at least I don’t cause heart attacks!”

Salt trembles :”Shut your holes!
Some of my best friends are dark spices!
Cinnamon and I go way back,
and Cumin (…)