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This interview was originally written for Crack Theatre Festival.

Vidya Rajan wants to know why there can’t be lightness and silliness to go with complex topics like diversity and immigration.

She and her performing partner Shannan Lim are improvisational performers and the Setting the Stages artists from Western Australia.

Both are in their mid-20s and work professionally during the day. Shannon as a (…)

Creating blog posts for my new employer, Headjam!

So, I have now been employed, full-time, for over a month with a creative agency called Headjam.  It’s great, it’s right here in Newcastle, it’s a 20 minute walk to work, we have a  communal salad lunch club, and I’m learning more about visual arts than ever before. I’ve been working in Social Media (predominantly Facebook), and I’ve also put (…)

Astounding Undergrounding: my cave photos from across the world

I’m working on a separate blog post on why caves are so amazing. Meanwhile, I can’t let these pictures just sit on my laptop! Please enjoy the photos from caves in Tennessee, Texas, Indiana, Vietnam, Mexico, Australia, and, of course, good ol’ Kentucky!

Above is my view from the ground looking up at the cave I’ve worked at (…)

Scenes from the back garden in Canberra

 Art is the unceasing effort to compete with the beauty of flowers – and never succeeding.

Gian Carlo Menotti 

                     Today my words don’t seem to flow, so the camera’s eyes can steal my show.

It’s been ages since I’ve written

to recap, I’ve traveled to Mexico, Guatemala, Belize, Austin (texas) and now Patrick and I are headed back to Australia via Southeast Asia.  We started in Hong Kong, and now we are in the south of Vietnam, and on to Cambodia, Thailand, then flying to Singapore and back to Melbourne.  I’ve gained more writing material than I could ever know (…)