Wishing While Walking Through Time

An Interview with Josephine Were

In late June, performance maker Josephine Were (28) came from Adelaide to Newcastle and hung out on Hunter Street and the CBD. During her visit she would stop people and ask them what their wish would be for the future of Australia in 10 years.

“I finished school 10 years ago and started thinking about how (…)

Calling on the Audience

An interview with Grant Moxom, Felicity Nicol and Melissa Lee Speyer
By Alex Morris @Nemiwai
Grant Moxom doesn’t believe the government is spying on us. He thinks we’re spying on ourselves by supplying businesses with data and statistics.
“The businesses and companies who collect our information are not our friend,” Grant said.
The 25-year-old technical director and devisor has a background in IT, psychology (…)

Musical Poetry Teamed with Scenes on Screens

An interview with Josh Donellan and Mike Willmett
By Alex Morris @Nemiwai
When 30-year-old Poet Josh Donellan (JD) was growing up, he hated Australian Bush poetry. Later in his life, things changed. He found the Australian poetry scene and started listening to Mos Def and Saul Williams. He’s now a novelist, holds poetry workshops with kids and will be performing with sound (…)

Sounds Promising

An Interview with Composer-Performer Eve Klein
By Alex Morris @Nemiwai

Image by Ravi Glasser-Vora

When Eve Klein isn’t performing or composing like as she’s doing at Crack Theatre Festival with AñA Wojak for performance and installation sincerely yours (love letter project), you might find her in the bush, walking, listening and recording. Sometimes she stops to listen for only 10 seconds, sometimes she’ll record (…)

Well-Versed for the Future

An Interview with Aaron Kirby and Eleanor Malbon
By Alex Morris @Nemiwai
“We are staring down the barrel of an ecological problem that is going to dramatically affect the way people live their daily lives,” Aaron Kirby said. “It’s not ‘how do we stop this?’ at this point. The project is to say how do we mentally approach this change as to (…)

One Typewriter and all Types of Writers

An interview with Cj and Ciella of The Frankensteined Monologues
By Alex Morris @Nemiwai
“It’s kind of the opposite of a regular theatre show, hundreds of writers and two performers,” theatre practioner Ciella Williams said of her upcoming show, The Frankensteined Monologues, co-produced with freelance theatre maker Cj Fraser-Bell.
Leading up to their performance, they’ve left their typewriter all around Darwin with writing (…)

Killer Ideas

An Interview with Will O’Mahony
By Alex Morris @Nemiwai

Image by Cameron Etchells

When Perth-based writer/actor/director Will O’Mahony creates something, he thinks of a quote from American writer David Foster Wallace. Will paraphrased him, “Any exchange in fiction or art, when it’s worthwhile, should disturb those parts of us that are comfortable, and comfort those parts of us that are disturbed.”
Will tries to (…)

Post Residency, Love Letter Project Continues to Deliver

An Interview With AñA Wojak
By Alex Morris @Nemiwai

Image by Lisa Anderson

In the small town of Bilpin in the Blue Mountains, the post office is the place to see and be seen for its 500 residents. Here, mail is held post restante – postal workers hold mail until a person picks it up.
Just over a year ago, artist AñA Wojak was (…)

Creativity Commitment Constructs Kids’ Confidence

Suzie and Aleeta from Unload Creative Writing

Unload Creative Writing founders Aleeta Cliff and Suzie Galwey both have backgrounds in writing and editing, but in the writing workshops they run for Newcastle kids, you won’t hear much about spelling and grammar.

“We don’t use erasers, we only use pencils and papers, and we tell them to cross it out and don’t worry (…)