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chaja she rex

She Rex


The earth’s a gonna tremor
The ocean’s gonna moan
There’s been witness of a She-Rex
They seen her schlompin’ down the road

She’s squashin’ all them four-wheel-drives
With her big ol’ ancient feet
She’s inducin’ old men’s heart attacks
Up and down the street

My baby brother saw her
He curled up and died
My daddy heard her footsteps and
Went runnin’ for his life

The She Rex has a tail
that has (…)

Keo Match: Street art with edge

 I wrote a story on my friend and artist Keo Match for the Newcastle Herald. Click this link to read it and see the pictures, or just read below!

My success will always peg on my happiness, says 28-year-old Keo Match. “Art and creative pursuits are my goal.”

Despite being colour-blind and diagnosed with bipolar disorder, Keo (his signature) has worked successfully (…)